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Burlington Police Department

Media Information Sheet


Date:  September 3, 2008

Incident:  Tropical Storm Hanna

Location:  Burlington

Contact:  Assistant Chief Greg Seel

Phone:  229-3543




The Burlington Police Department and City of Burlington have been monitoring Tropical Storm Hanna since information indicated that the storm’s path might impact this area of North Carolina. Emergency management Coordinator Chip Ferguson has been in contact with officials at the National Weather Service as well as Duke Energy to monitor not only the potential path Hanna may take, but precautionary measures that need to be taken in the event strong winds and elevated rainfalls adversely affect this area.


As of the 0900 hr briefing, it was still too early to tell exactly where Hanna might strike the coast of North Carolina. Early indications are that this area of North Carolina could receive 1-2 inches of rain, or 5-6 inches of rain depending on the storm’s path. As of the 1500 hr briefing, reports indicate that Hanna may take a more easterly direction, but it is still too early to make credible predictions regarding storm path and potential rainfall amounts.


Regardless of the path that Hanna takes, residents are urged to take precautions. The following precautions should be considered:

Ø      Monitor storm progress through news and weather medial outlets

Ø      Develop and review emergency preparedness plans

Ø      Ensure that you have basic necessities and provisions to last for seven days

Ø      Residents in low lying, flood prone areas should be especially cautious and aware of water levels and how fast they may be rising. Be prepared to evacuate quickly

Ø      If you use generators for back up electrical needs, make sure that the system is working properly before a power outage occurs. Do not use grills inside a structure.

Ø      Avoid the use of candles

Ø      DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH FLOODED ROADWAYS. Heed the National Weather Service warning: “Turn Around, Don’t Drown”


Additional tropical storms are forming. If Hanna does not cause significant weather related issues, there may be other storms that will pose similar threats in the near future.